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    Creating and Applying a Secure Access Device Template

    You can create and apply configuration templates for setting up new Secure access devices through NSM.

    Create and apply templates by following these procedures:

    1. Creating the Template
    2. Applying the Template

    Creating the Template

    To create a Secure Access template:

    1. From the left pane of the NSM UI, click Configure.
    2. Expand Device Manager and select Device Templates. The Device Templates workspace appears on the right side of the screen.
    3. Click the Device Template Tree tab, click the New button, and select SA Template. The New Device Template dialog box appears.
    4. Name the Secure Access device template, and select a color for the template.
    5. Enter the following basic information:
      • Device description
      • IP address
      • Admin username
      • Admin user password
    6. Click OK to save the template. The newly created templates will appear under the Device Template Tree.
    7. Double-click the newly created template to enter the configuration information. The Device Template screen appears.
    8. Click the Configuration tab; select the required parameters on the left pane and specify the appropriate values.
    9. Click OK to create a Secure Access device template.

    You can now use this template when configuring Secure Access devices.

    Note: You can create a custom expression in a device template, but you cannot validate the custom expression. The Validate button is not enabled in the Custom Expressions editor for device templates.

    Applying the Template

    To apply a template to a Secure Access device:

    1. From the left pane of the NSM UI, click Configure.
    2. Expand Device Manager and select Devices. The Devices workspace appears on the right side of the screen.
    3. Double-click the Secure Access device to open the device editor.
    4. From the Device Info tab, select Templates. The templates configuration screen appears.
    5. Click the Edit icon. The Edit Templates dialog box appears.
    6. Select the required template from the list, and click OK in the Edit Templates dialog box.
    7. In the templates configuration screen, select Retain template values on removal to retain template values if a template is removed from the device.
    8. Select the required template from the list and apply the required settings as explained in Table 1 and click OK.

    Table 1: Template Operations Settings


    Add templates with lowest priority

    Adds the templates with the least priority.

    Add templates with highest priority

    Adds the templates with the highest priority.

    Remove templates

    Removes the templates.

    Don’t change templates

    Does not accept modifications to the templates.

    Remove conflicting device values

    Does not add device values that conflict.

    Report irrelevant template values

    Reports irrelevant template values.

    Report conflicts with other templates

    Reports conflicts with other templates.


    Validates the templates.

    To apply the settings to the device itself, run the Update Device directive to push the configuration to the device.

    Published: 2013-01-03