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    Configuring Interfaces (NSM Procedure)

    You can configure information about MPLS-enabled interfaces.

    To configure interfaces:

    1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager > Devices.
    2. Click the Device Tree tab, and then double-click the device for which you want to configure interfaces.
    3. Click the Configuration tab. In the configuration tree, select Protocols > Mpls > Interface.
    4. Click + to configure an MPLS-enabled interface feature.
    5. Add or modify settings as described in Table 1.
    6. Click one:
      • OK—Saves the changes.
      • Cancel—Cancels the modifications.
      • Apply—Applies the interface parameters.

    Table 1: Interface Configuration Details



    Your Action


    Specifies the interface name.

    Enter a name for the interface.


    Supplies a descriptive comment for the interface.

    (Optional) Enter a comment.


    Specifies that you can disable MPLS on this interface.

    Select the check box to enable this feature.

    Always Mark Connection Protection Tlv

    Allows you to switch a layered service provider away from a network node using a bypass layered service provider.

    Select the check box to enable this feature.

    Switch Away Lsps

    Allows you to switch away protected layered service providers to their bypass layered service providers.

    Select the check box to disable layered service providers.

    Protocols > Mpls > Interface > Admin Group

    New admin-group

    Specifies the new administrative group name.

    Enter a new administrative group name.

    Protocols > Mpls > Interface > Static


    Supplies a descriptive comment for the static interface.

    (Optional) Enter a comment.

    Protection Revert Time

    Specifies the amount of time that a static layered service provider must wait before traffic reverts from the bypass path to the original path.

    Set the protection revert time.

    Range: 0 through 65535.

    Published: 2013-01-06