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Example: Creating Modem Settings (NSM Procedure)


The modem you use for the dial-up connection must support the following features:

  • Hardware flow control

  • Clear-to-send (CTS) signals

  • Request-to-send (RTS) signals

  • Asynchronous only

  • AT command set

To create the settings for a modem:

  1. Click the Add icon in the Modem Settings portion of the Modem configuration screen.

  2. Specify the name for the modem setting.

  3. Specify the modem initialization string. The modem initialization string must meet the following requirements:

    • Hardware flow control is recommended, but not required (you can specify no flow control).

    • Software flow control is not used.

    • Result code must be displayed in verbal mode.

  4. Specify whether this modem setting is active. You can activate only one of the configured modem settings at a time.

  5. Click OK.