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Importing Device Administrators from a Physical Device Overview


A device administrator is the person responsible for managing a device locally using ScreenOS (command line or Web UI). A security device includes one default device administrator account, the root device administrator, which has complete access to all functionality on the device. Using the Network and Security Manager (NSM), you can create 20 additional device administrators with different privilege levels.


To enable a device administrator to use NSM to manage devices, you must create an NSM administrator account for the device admin. For details, see Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.

When you import a device configuration into NSM, device administrator accounts are not automatically imported—you must manually import the accounts from the device using a separate directive. You cannot manage device administrator functionality in NSM until you have imported the device administrator information from the physical device (the device admin screens do not appear).

To notify you when device administrator information needs to be imported, NSM displays the message “Need to Migrate Admin Info From Device.” To view this message, in the device navigation tree, select Device Administration; the message appears in the main display area. When present, this message indicates that you have not yet imported device administrators for that device. This message automatically appears after you perform the following operations:

  • Adjust the ScreenOS version—For details, see Network and Security Administration Guide.

To import device administrator information, from the File menu, select Devices > Configuration > Import Admins.


The Import Admin directive lists only ScreenOS devices.