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    UAC Manager in NSM Overview

    Opening the UAC Manager in the Configure module of the NSM UI allows you to view UAC policy attributes from the perspective of Infranet Controllers and enforcement points.

    The Infranet Controller View

    The NSM main display area is horizontally divided into two tables. When you select the Infranet Controller view, the upper table lists all the Infranet Controllers managed by NSM's current domain. If the Infranet Controllers are in cluster mode, the table also displays whether they are Active-Active or Active-Passive clusters. Selecting an Infranet Controller causes NSM to list all the enforcement points and their location groups that are associated with the selected Infranet Controller in the lower table. If the association is created with a load balancer option, then the load balancer is also displayed. In Active-Active cluster mode, the Infranet Controller cluster member name is displayed but not in the case of Stand Alone and Active-Passive cluster modes. From the Infranet Controller table, you can edit the configuration of a selected Infranet Controller using the edit button provided above the Infranet Controller table. The edit dialog is similar to the edit device action in the Device Manager.

    The Enforcement Point View

    When you select the enforcement point view, the NSM main display area is horizontally divided into the enforcement point table at the top and tab views of associated Infranet Controllers and port details. NSM displays only EX-series switches managed by a current domain in the enforcement point table. Selecting an enforcement point causes NSM to populate relevant information in the tab views. From the Infranet Controller tab view, you can view the associated Infranet Controller and its location group information. From the Port details tab, you can see the 802.1X enabled port names and their details.

    Published: 2012-11-28