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    Understanding the NSM Topology Manager Toolbar

    You can use the Topology Manager toolbar to perform the following actions:

    • Zoom in and Zoom out: Use these tools to view the network topology according to the detail required. These tools are only of use in the map view.
    • Save to file: Use this tool to save the network topology map as an image file and the devices and links tables as text files from their respective views.
    • Print: Use this tool to print a network topology map as an image file and the devices and links tables as text files from different views.
    • Manage Devices: Use this tool to select one or more devices from a topology map and manage them in NSM. This tool is applicable only to map views and not the different table views. To add a device:
      1. Click the Manage Devices icon. A dialog box opens.
      2. Enter the SSH user name and password.
      3. Click OK.
    • Set Preferences: Use this tool to set preferences according to which discovery engine can perform a topology discovery. You can set preferences for default SNMP credentials, topology discovery intervals, and subnets to be included or excluded.
    • Start and Stop Topology Discovery: Use these tools to initiate and stop a topology discovery based on the set of seed devices and credentials specified in the topology preferences.
    • Search: You can search for a device, end-point device, link, or port in any of the table views by providing a string in the search text box. NSM performs a substring match against all attributes of the particular view and displays the results in the same table. If you navigate to another tab, your search results are lost. You can save the search output in a text file as comma-separated values.

    The Topology Manager status bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the timestamp of the last completed topology discovery and whether a discovery is in progress.

    For more information about the Topology Manager, see the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.

    Published: 2013-01-06