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    NSM Services Supported for M Series and MX Series Devices

    NSM supports the following services for the M Series and MX Series devices:

    • Device management—Enables addition of new devices, editing and deletion of existing devices, software version update, reconfiguration of existing devices, activation of modeled devices, and master Routing Engine switchover with synchronized commits. In addition, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) updates enable failed device replacement without a serial number or connection statistics.
    • Device discovery—Uses sets of rules to find, add, and import multiple devices into NSM. In addition, configure and run rules to search a network and find devices in a specified subnet, or within a specified range of IP addresses. M Series and MX Series devices must be configured with static IP addresses to be found by device discovery rules.
    • Topology management—Provides discovery and management of the physical topology of a network of devices connected to a Juniper Networks EX-series switch. These include networking devices such as the J-series, M Series, MX Series and EX-series as well as ScreenOS and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) devices, IP phones, desktops, printers, and servers. The Topology Manager also provides details about connections between a device and the EX-series switch.
    • Inventory and license management—Displays device inventory and licensing details. In a dual Routing Engine system, the inventory data is collected from the master Routing Engine.
    • Upgrading software for single and dual Routing Engines.
    • Configuration management—Enables in-device configuration and editing, configuration groups, and template configuration.
    • Status monitoring—Displays a list of all managed devices, including status, name, domain, OS version, synchronization status, connection details, and current alarms.
    • Job management—Displays details of the update process in a dedicated information window and includes the update’s success or failure and the errors involved in a failed update.

    Below is a summary of the services that are not supported for the M Series and MX Series devices:

    • Adding, deleting, or editing licensing information, (though licenses can be viewed).
    • Downgrading software.
    • Configuration of cluster objects, policy manager, VPN manager, and shared objects.
    • Junos Redundancy Protocol (JSRP), VPN, and IDP cluster monitor.

    Published: 2013-01-02