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    Secure Access Device Services and Device Configurations Supported in NSM

    The Secure Access device supports the following services in NSM:

    • Inventory management service — Enables management of the Secure Access software, hardware, and licensing details. Adding or deleting licenses or upgrading or downgrading software are not supported.
    • Status monitoring service — Allows the Secure Access device’s status to be obtained, including name, domain, OS version, synchronization status, connection details, and current alarms.
    • Logging service — Allows the Secure Access device’s logs to be obtained in a time-generated order. Logging configuration details that are set on the Secure Access device will apply to NSM.
    • XML-based configuration management service — Enables NSM to manage the configuration of the Secure Access device. NSM uses the same XML schema as the Secure Access device, so you can troubleshoot NSM using XML files downloaded from the Secure Access device.

    The following device configurations are not supported:

    • Editing licensing information, although licenses can be viewed
    • Creating clusters, joining nodes to clusters, or enabling or disabling cluster nodes
    • Packaging log files or debug files for remote analysis
    • Rebooting the Secure Access device

    Published: 2013-01-03