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    Adding Device Groups Overview

    You can create groups of devices to manage multiple devices at one time. Use device groups to organize your managed devices, making it easier for you to configure and manage devices within a domain. You can group devices by type (such as all the M Series in a domain), by physical location (such as all the devices in the San Jose office), or logically (such as all the devices in sales offices throughout western Europe).

    Use the groups to:

    • Deploy new or updated device configurations to the entire device group.
    • Deploy new or updated policies to the entire device group.

    The devices that you add to a device group must exist; that is, you must have previously added or modeled the devices in the domain. You can group devices before configuring them. You can add a device to more than one device group. You can also add a device group to another device group.

    Note: You cannot apply a template to a device group. You must apply templates to individual devices in a device group. If you need to apply the same set of templates to multiple devices, you can create a single template that includes all the templates that are to be applied to a device, and then apply the combined template to each device.

    For an example of creating a device group, see “Adding Device Groups” in the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.

    Published: 2013-01-02