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    Reviewing Job Information Displayed in Job Manager

    The Job Information dialog box displays the changing device states as the directive is executed. Device state changes, error messages, and warning messages are displayed in real time. A sample Job Information dialog box is shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Job Information Dialog Box

    Job Information Dialog Box

    Job Manager tracks the overall progress of one or more jobs executed on a single device. For multiple device updates, Job Manager tracks the progress of each job on each device in addition to the overall progress for all devices. To view the job status for an individual device (including error messages and percent complete), select the device in the Percent Complete pane; the status appears in the Output pane.

    The job information includes:

    • Job Type—The type of task being tracked. Job types include Update Device, Reboot Device, and Config Summary. Job type is also known as a directive.
    • Timestamp—The time at which NSM began executing the directive.
    • Admin Name—The name of the administrator logged into NSM.
    • Status—The current state of the job.
    • Completion—The number of jobs completed out of the total number of jobs.
    • Percent—The percentage of total jobs successfully executed. When performing multiple jobs on multiple devices, this field displays the percentage complete for each device. When the job has completed, successfully or unsuccessfully, this field displays 100%.
    • Name—The name of the device on which the job is executed.
    • Description—The current state of the job.
    • Completion—The percentage of a job that has executed successfully.
    • Output—Displays the content of the update, including commands that have been interpreted from the NSM data model into device-specific commands, error messages, and existing commands deleted from the device. The Output Display Region displays all errors, warnings, device verification output, and device state information associated with the job.

    Note: If the Job Information dialog box might contain Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters, you must clear the Fixed Font box to display them.

    Note: Job Manager configuration summaries and job information details do not display passwords in the list of CLI commands for administrators that do not have the assigned activity “View Device Passwords.” By default, only the super administrator has this assigned activity.

    Published: 2013-01-02