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    How the Update Process Works

    After you have successfully added the device to NSM, reviewed the device configuration, updated the device, and have the managed device functioning normally, an event might occur on the managed device that requires a change to the device configuration. For example, malicious traffic might have entered your network, requiring you to update the device to detect and prevent that attack.

    1. Using the NSM monitoring tools, you learn of the attack and locate the cause of the event. Using NSM modules such as the Realtime Monitor and Log Viewer, you determine the exact attack that penetrated the device. From the Report Manager, you also determine what rule in the security policy was ineffective in blocking the attack.
    2. You update the modeled device configuration, editing the configuration to detect and prevent the attack from entering your network again.
    3. Before updating the running configuration, you review the modeled device configuration. Using a delta configuration summary, compare the modeled configuration with the running configuration on the device to confirm the differences. Fine-tune the modeled configuration, if needed.
    4. When you are confident that the modeled configuration is valid, update the device. NSM updates the running configuration with only the new changes (delta). During the update, you track the update progress using Job Manager in real time and observe the transfer of the configuration from NSM to the device.

      If the update is unsuccessful, use the information in the Job information dialog box to correct the problems in the modeled configuration.

    5. After updating, run a second delta configuration summary to identify any remaining differences between the modeled configuration and the running configuration on the device. When the delta configuration summary reveals no differences between the new configuration and the old configuration on the device, you have successfully updated the running configuration.

    Published: 2013-01-02