Setting Up Secure Access Device Host Checker Options (NSM Procedure)

You can specify global options for Host Checker that apply to any user for whom Host Checker is required in an authentication policy or a role mapping rule.

To specify general Host Checker options:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager> Devices.
  2. Click the Device Tree tab, and then double-click the Secure Access device for which you want to specify general Host Checker options.
  3. Click the Configuration tab. In the configuration tree, select Authentication > Endpoint Security > Host Checker > Settings tab.
  4. Add or modify Host Checker settings as specified in Table 63.
  5. Click one:
    • OK—Saves the changes.
    • Cancel—Cancels the modifications.

Table 63: Host Checker Options Configuration Details

OptionFunctionYour Action

Perform check every (minutes)

Specifies the interval at which you want the Host Checker to perform policy evaluation on a client machine.

Enter the interval in minutes.

Note: If you enter a value of zero, Host Checker runs only on the client machine when the user first signs into the Secure Access device.

Client-side process, login inactivity timeout (minutes)

Specifies an interval to control timing out in the following situations:

  • If the user navigates away from the Secure Access device sign-in page after Host Checker starts running but before signing in to the Secure Access device, Host Checker continues to run on the user’s machine for the interval you specify.
  • If the user is downloading Host Checker over a slow connection, increase the interval to allow enough time for the download to complete.

Enter the interval in minutes.

Auto-upgrade Host Checker

Secure Access device automatically downloads the Host Checker application to a client computer when the version of Host Checker on the Secure Access device is newer than the version installed on the client.

Select the Auto-upgrade Host Checker to enable this feature.

Perform dynamic policy reevaluation

Secure Access device automatically refreshes the roles of individual users by enabling dynamic policy evaluation for Host Checker.

Select the Perform dynamic policy reevaluation to enable this feature.

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