Setting DHCPv6 Overview

An IPv6 router can only be a DHCPv6 server and an IPv6 host can only be a DHCP client. As a DHCPv6 client, the interface can make the following requests from a DHCPv6 server:

As a DHCPv6 server, the interface can provide both of these services to a DHCPv6 client. To speed up prefix delegation, an IPv6 router configured to be a DHCPv6 server can support a rapid commit option. You can also set a server preference option.

In the DHCPv6 screen, you can configure options such as a device-unique identification (DUID), an identity association for prefix delegation identification (IAPD-ID), prefix features, a server preference, a DHCPv6 server, a DHCPv6 client, and a DHCPv6 relay agent

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