Configuring Wi-Fi Protected Access (NSM Procedure)

To configure Wi-Fi protected access:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager > Devices.
  2. Select a security device and then double-click the device on which you want to define forced timeout. The device configuration appears.
  3. In the device navigation tree, select Wireless.
  4. Configure the following wireless settings:
    • For Select Specific Antenna, select Antenna diversity
    • For Channel for wireless AP radio, select Auto.
    • For Operation mode for AP, select 802.11b/g.
    • For Transmit Power, select Full.
    • For Data Rate for AP, select the best rate.
    • In the main navigation tree, select Wireless>SSID.
  5. Select New and configure the following settings:
    • For Name, enter my-ssid.
    • For Wireless Interface, select wireless 2.
    • For Authentication/Encryption, select WPA2.
    • For Select Encryption Method, select Auto.
    • For auth-server-name, select rd_1_1_1.
    • For Rekey Interval, select None. Rekey interval is the time that elapses before the group key for clients is updated.
  6. Configure the following WPA2-PSK settings:
    • For Authentication/Encryption, select WPA2-PSK.
    • For WPA2-PSK, select Passphrase. When enabled, you must configure a passphrase (8-63 ASCII characters) that permits access to the SSID.
    • For Passphrase, set a password.
    • For Encryption Method, select TKIP.
    • For Rekey Interval, select Value.
    • For Value, select a value. 1800 is the default.
    • Click OK to apply the settings.

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