Configuring BGP Networks

Use the BGP network settings to change the route attributes generated by BGP. For each route you want to change, create a new network entry that contains the IP address and netmask for the network reachable from the BGP routing instance. Next, configure the new route attributes for that network. On devices running ScreenOS 6.3, BGP network supports IPv6. The BGP network settings are displayed in Table 79.

Table 79: BGP Network Settings


Your Action

Check Route Availability

Configure how BGP determines route availability for this route:

  • Turn Off Reachability Check—When enabled, the BGP routing instance does not test whether it can reach the specified network.
  • Check for Same Route—When enabled, the BGP routing instance checks the prefix entered after the network for reachability; if reachable, the BGP routing instance adds the network.
  • Check Route Reachability—Select to direct the BGP routing instance to perform a test to determine whether it can reach the network you identified.

Configure Route Attributes (ScreenOS 5.1 and later only)

Configure how BGP determines the route attributes for the specified route:

  • Weight—Select Weight to assign a local preference value to the route that is not advertised to peers. If BGP uses more than one route to a destination, the route with the highest weight value is preferred.
  • Route Map—Select a previously-created route map to apply attributes for this route. BGP advertises the route with the route attributes specified in the selected route map.

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