Configuring MGCP Settings

To configure Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), use the MGCP Settings option. MGCP is a text-based, Application Layer protocol that can be used for call setup and call control. The protocol is based on a master/slave call control architecture: the media gateway controller (call agent) maintains call control intelligence, and media gateways carry out the instructions from the call agent.

Setting MGCP Inactivity Timeouts

You can configure the following types of inactivity timeouts that determine the lifetime of a group:

As a firewall, it might be necessary to parse all messages strictly and drop the unidentified messages. However, the following options are available to pass messages that cannot be decoded by the device in either Route mode or NAT mode:

Configuring MGCP Firewall Features

The MGCP firewall features allow you to enable flood protection to and from the gateway.

For more information about configuring MGCP on security devices, see the “Fundamentals” volume in the Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide.

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