Configuring a NetScreen Address Change Notification

Use the NACN option to configure NetScreen Address Change Notification (NACN). NACN is available only on security devices running ScreenOS 5.0.x. Before NSM can contact a security device, it must have the current IP address of the device interface. This is relatively easy when the security device has a static IP address on its interface. However, an interface on a security device can have a dynamically assigned IP address, using either PPPoE or DHCP. In these cases, the security device uses NACN to monitor a specific interface and then register with NSM the IP address of the interface whenever it changes. This prevents interruption of communication between NSM and the security device.

For more detailed explanation about NACN on security devices, see the “Administration” volume in the Concepts & Examples ScreenOS Reference Guide for ScreenOS 5.0.0.

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