Example: Configuring a WAN Interface (NSM Procedure)

Multilink Frame Relay (MLFR) for a user-to-network interface (UNI) on available devices allow for the creation of one or more permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) within the bundle. You create a PVC by configuring a subinterface to the multilink interface. Each subinterface maps to a PVC, which is identified by a data-link connection identifier (DLCI). Note that each PVC can be associated with a separate security zone; the security zone for each PVC can be different from the security zone assigned to the multilink interface.

In this example, you create a subinterface for the multilink interface and assign it to a security zone. Then assign a Frame Relay DLCI and IP address to the subinterface.

To configure a WAN interface:

  1. On an SSG520 device running ScreenOS 5.1, add a multilink interface and assign it to the Trust zone.
  2. Add and configure a WAN subinterface:
    • In the device navigation tree, select Network > Interface.
    • Click the Add icon and select WAN-Sub Interface. The General Properties screen appears.
  3. Configure the following options, and then click OK:
    • For Name, select the multilink interface that you want to assign the subinterface to. The subinterface name consists of the multilink interface name and a subinterface number. For example, if the multilink interface name is ml1, its subinterfaces can be ml1.1 and ml1.2
    • For Zone, select Trust.
  4. Click OK to save your changes to the device.

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