Understanding Device Configurations Running ScreenOS 5.4 FIPS and Later Overview

The following features are disabled on security devices running the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) certified release of ScreenOS (ScreenOS 5.4 FIPS):

For more information about FIPS-enabled security devices, refer to the ScreenOS 5.0 FIPS Reference Note.

Note: To configure and manage security devices running ScreenOS 5.0 FIPS using NSM, you must first configure a VPN tunnel between the device and the NSM GUI server. After establishing this tunnel, you cannot reconfigure tunnel parameters in NSM.

About Configuring Devices Running Future Releases of ScreenOS

You can use NSM to configure security devices running future releases of ScreenOS in one of three levels of support:

The support level is indicated in the Information screen for the device in the Device Manager.

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