Working with Multiple NSM Administrators Overview

When multiple NSM administrators are accessing the NSM system at the same time, NSM ensures that all edits are synchronized by locking an active object. Only one administrator at a time can edit existing values for an object, but multiple administrators can still view the existing values for that object.

NSM administrators must know the following guidelines:

When you attempt to open a locked object, a warning message appears indicating that the object is locked and can be opened only as a read-only object. The warning message also contains the name of the NSM administrator who is currently editing the object. Depending on your administrator privileges, you can locate contact information for the administrator in the Manage Administrators and Domains area of the UI (from the File menu, select Tools > Manage Administrators and Domains). For details on working with administrators and domains, see the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.

For example, let’s say Bob and Carol are both NSM administrators with the same roles. If both administrators view the same object, but Bob also edits and saves the object, NSM does not notify Carol that a newer version of the object exists. To see the newest version, Carol must first close, and then open the object again or refresh the console.

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