Loading the IDP Detector Engine on a J Series or SRX Series Device (NSM Procedure)

IDP attack objects are loaded onto IDP-capable devices with the IDP rulebase.

To load a new detector engine onto a J Series or SRX Series device:

  1. From the Devices menu in the NSM UI, select IDP Detector Engine > Load IDP Detector Engine for JUNOS. The Load JUNOS IDP Detector Engine wizard appears.
  2. Click Next to proceed. The available IDP detector engine versions are displayed.
  3. Select the JUNOS device to be updated and click Finish. The progress and status of the IDP detector engine update process appears in the Job Information page.
  4. Click one:
    • Cancel Job—Cancels the IDP detector engine loading process.
    • Refresh—Refreshes the status of the update process.
    • Notify Later—Notifies the completion of the update process.
    • Close—Closes the Job Information page.

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