Configuring a USB Modem Interface (NSM Procedure)

To configure a USB modem interface for the device:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager > Devices.
  2. Click the Device Tree tab and then double-click the device for which you want to configure the USB modem interface.
  3. Click the Configuration tab. In the configuration tree, select Interfaces > Interfaces List.
  4. Add or modify interface settings as specified in Table 37.
  5. Click one:
    • OK—Saves the changes.
    • Cancel—Cancels the modifications.

Table 37: USB Modem Interface Configuration Details



Your Action


Specifies the name of the new interface.

Enter a name for the new interface.

Dialer Options > Pool


Specifies the name of the dialer pool configured on the dialer interface you want to use for USB modem connectivity.

Enter a name for the dialer pool.


Specifies the dialer pool priority.

Set the dialer pool priority.

Modem Options

Init Command String

Configures the modem to automatically answer calls after a specified number of rings.

Enter the modem initialization command string. For example, enter ATSO=2.

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