List of Technical Publications

Table 4 lists the manuals supporting Network and Security Manager and JUNOS software for J Series and SRX Series platforms. All documents are available at

Table 4: Technical Documentation for NSM and J Series Services Routers and SRX Series Services Gateways

Network and Security Manager Installation Guide

Details the steps to install the NSM management system on a single server or on separate servers. It also includes information on how to install and run the NSM user interface. This guide is intended for IT administrators responsible for the installation and/or upgrade of NSM.

Network and Security Manager Administration Guide

Describes how to use and configure key management features in the NSM. It provides conceptual information, suggested workflows, and examples where applicable. This guide is best used in conjunction with the NSM Online Help, which provides step-by-step instructions for performing management tasks in the NSM UI.

This guide is intended for application administrators or those individuals responsible for owning the server and security infrastructure and configuring the product for multi-user systems. It is also intended for device configuration administrators, firewall and VPN administrators, and network security operation center administrators.

Network and Security Manager Configuring Firewall/VPN Devices Guide

Describes NSM features that relate to device configuration and management. It also explains how to configure basic and advanced NSM functionality, including deploying new device configurations, managing Security Policies and VPNs, and general device administration.

Network and Security Manager Online Help

Provides task-oriented procedures describing how to perform basic tasks in the NSM user interface. It also includes a brief overview of the NSM system and a description of the GUI elements.

JUNOS Software Interfaces and Routing Configuration Guide

Explains how to configure SRX Series and J Series interfaces for basic IP routing with standard routing protocols, ISDN service, firewall filters (access control lists), and class-of-service (CoS) traffic classification.

JUNOS Software Security Configuration Guide

Explains how to configure and manage SRX Series and J Series security services such as stateful firewall policies, IPsec VPNs, firewall screens, Network Address Translation (NAT), Public Key Cryptography, chassis clusters, Application Layer Gateways (ALGs), and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP).

JUNOS Software Administration Guide

Shows how to monitor SRX Series and J Series devices and routing operations, firewall and security services, system alarms and events, and network performance. This guide also shows how to administer user authentication and access, upgrade software, and diagnose common problems.