Configuring Profiler Database Preferences (NSM Procedure)

ScreenOS 6.2 supports application volume tracking (AVT), a feature that enables NSM to track network bandwidth usage on a per-application basis. The security device sends the NSM server periodic update messages containing details about port activity. NSM listens and processes these periodic update messages and maintains a cumulative count for each port. NSM displays this count on the console. NSM provides reports about application volume tracking. The AVT feature has the following limitations:

For more details on AVT, see the Network and Security Manager Administration Guide.

Use the Profiler Settings under the Tools menu to configure the Profiler preferences mentioned in Table 12. You can use the Profiler Settings dialog box to modify Profiler database settings and default settings for application volume tracking reports.

Data discovered by Profiler is stored in a database located on the NSM GUI server.

To modify profiler database preferences and application volume tracking settings:

  1. From the NSM main menu, select Tools > Preferences. The New Preferences dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click Profiler Settings.
  3. Modify settings as described in Table 12.
  4. Click OK.

Table 13: Profiler Database Preferences



Purge profiler database if size exceeds (in MB)

NSM purges the profiler database size if it exceeds 4GB (4000 MB) by default.

Max profiler database size after purging (in MB)

If the database size exceeds its maximum limit, NSM purges the Profiler database size until the size reaches 3 GB (3000 MB) by default.

Profiler query timeout (in seconds)

Specifies the timeout entry for a profiler query. The default value is 120 seconds.

Hour of day to perform db optimization (local time)

Specifies the time to perform the database optimization. The default value is 00:00 GMT.

Number of sessions to display per application

Determines the number of application volume tracking sessions displayed in the Application Profiler tab session tables.

The default value is 10 sessions. You can specify from 5 to 10,000 sessions.

Hours of session data to display from present time

Determines the hours of application volume tracking data displayed in the Application Profiler tab session tables.

The default value is 1 hour. You can specify from 1 to 24 hours.

This setting is also a data retention policy. By default, data older than 1 hour is deleted. If your change to 12 hours, data older than 12 hours is deleted.

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