Configuring Antispoof Settings in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Devices (NSM Procedure)

Antispoof settings are valid for standalone IDP sensors only. You can assign address objects to specific interfaces on your sensor. You can set the sensor to log or drop any connections that do not match the permitted address objects for that interface.

In addition, you can set the sensor to check incoming IP addresses against the permitted address objects for other interfaces. If the sensor detects an IP address entering the wrong interface, it can log or drop that connection.

To configure antispoof settings:

  1. In NSM Device Manager, double-click the IDP device you want to configure antispoof settings. The device configuration editor appears.
  2. Click Anti-Spoof Settings.
  3. Click New to display the Anti-Spoof Settings dialog box.
  4. Configure antispoof settings using Table 50.
  5. Click OK.

    Table 50: IDP Device Configuration: Anti-Spoof Settings



    Interface Name

    Select a forwarding interface to configure.


    Enable logging for spoofed IP address.


    Enable alerts for spoofed IP addresses.

    Check Other Interfaces

    Indicate whether the device should check the status of other interfaces when determining spoofing.


    Specify the action for the IDP device to take: None or Drop Packet.

    Network Objects

    Browse and select the address objects you associate with the selected interface.

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