Configuring Administrator Access Logs (NSM Procedure)

The administrator access log file contains administration information, including administrator changes to user, system, and network settings, such as changes to session timeouts and machine and server information. It also creates a log entry whenever an administrator signs in, signs out, or changes licenses on the appliance.

To configure administrator access logs:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager> Devices.
  2. Click the Device Tree tab, and then double-click the Infranet Controller for which you want to configure administrator access logs.
  3. Click the Configuration tab. In the configuration tree, select System > Log/Monitoring > Admin Access.
  4. Add or modify settings as specified in Table 61.
  5. Click one:
    • OK—Saves the changes.
    • Cancel—Cancels the modifications.

Table 61: Administrator Access Logs Configuration Details



Your Action


Max Log Size

Specifies the maximum file size for the local log file. The limit is 500 MB.

Enter the maximum log file size.

Administrator Changes

Logs the administrator changes.

Select this option to log administrator changes.

Administrator Logins

Logs the administrator login information.

Select this option to log administrator login information.

License Changes

Logs the license change information.

Select this option to log license change information.

Syslog Servers

Server name/IP

Specifies the name or IP address of the syslog server.

Enter the server name of the IP address.


Specifies the facility for the server. The Infranet Controller provides eight facilities (LOCAL0-LOCAL7) that you can map to facilities on your syslog server.

Select the facility.


Specifies the filter that you want to apply to the log file.

Select the filter.

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