Configuring Infranet Controller Host Checker Logs (NSM Procedure)

The Infranet Controller writes a client-side log to endpoints, when client-side logging for the Host Checker and Odyssey Access Client is enabled.

Note: Because these settings are global, the Infranet Controller writes a log file to all clients that use the feature for which you enable client-side logging. Also, the Infranet Controller does not remove client-side logs. Users need to manually delete log files from their clients. For information about where the Infranet Controller installs log files, see the Client-Side Changes Guide on the Juniper Networks Customer Support Center.

To configure global client-side log settings:

  1. In the NSM navigation tree, select Device Manager> Devices.
  2. Click the Device Tree tab, and then double-click the Infranet Controller for which you want to specify global client-side log settings.
  3. Click the Configuration tab. In the configuration tree, select System > Log/Monitoring > Client Log > Settings.
  4. Select the Host Checker check box.
  5. Click one:
    • OK—Saves the changes.
    • Cancel—Cancels the modifications.

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