Non-Juniper 802.1X Supplicant Configuration Overview

You can configure users to authenticate to the Infranet Controller using Odyssey Access Client, or you can use a non-Juniper 802.1X supplicant. Odyssey Access Client is preconfigured with standard protocols to work with the Infranet Controller. To use a non-Juniper supplicant, you must configure the authentication protocols manually. A non-Juniper supplicant is any client that is configured without the JUAC protocol.

To configure a non-Juniper supplicant:

  1. Configure authentication protocols on the third-party supplicant per the instructions in the vendor’s documentation.
  2. Configure corresponding protocols on the Infranet Controller. See “Configuring Authentication Protocol Sets (NSM Procedure).”
  3. Install the certificate from the CA that the Infranet Controller is using for trusted Client CAs.
  4. Configure a Certificate Server. See “Configuring an Infranet Controller Certificate Server Instance (NSM Procedure).”
  5. Create a role for the user(s) that will access the Infranet Controller using a non- Juniper supplicant. See “Configuring Infranet Controller User Roles (NSM Procedure).”
  6. Create a realm for the endpoint. See “Creating an Authentication Realm (NSM Procedure).”
  7. Create a new sign-in policy. See “Configuring Infranet Controller Sign-in Policies (NSM Procedure).”
  8. Configure a new location group. See “Configuring Location Groups (NSM Procedure).”
  9. Create a new RADIUS client. See “Configuring RADIUS Clients (NSM Procedure).”
  10. Create a role for endpoints using the third-party supplicant. See “Configuring Infranet Controller User Roles (NSM Procedure).”
  11. Configure a RADIUS attributes policy. See “Configuring RADIUS Attributes Policies (NSM Procedure).”
  12. Complete the remaining steps in “Using the Infranet Controller for 802.1X Network Access (NSM Procedure).”

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