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Bblink File


Policy information can be added to the bblink (link) file for a link entry by adding the following into an entry:

where policy_name1 and policy_name2 are names of the policies applied to the interfaces on both sides of the link, interface_name1 and interface_name2, respectively. This can also be accomplished through the NorthStar Planner in Attach Policies to Interfaces. If making these modifications through the NorthStar Planner client, saving the network environment will automatically update the bblink file.


#linkname nodeA nodeZ vendor count [ C1= interface_name_1 C2=interface_name_2 ] [ IP1=IP_address_1 IP2=IP_address_2 ] [ POLICY1=policy1 POLICY2=policy2 ] Link345 Paris2 London4 DEF 1 C1=Serial2/0/0 C2=Serial5/0/1 IP1= IP2= POLICY1=polA1 POLICY2=polZ3

There should be no space between the keywords, the equal sign, and the name. Also the names should not include space.

For example, the following are incorrect specifications:

The following is the correct specification:

After creating the bblink file, you need to let the system know where that file is.

There are two ways of pointing to the bblink file:

  • Add in the specification file the following line:

    where bblink_filename is the name of the bblink file just created above.

  • In the Spec File Generation window of the NorthStar Planner client, click on the Network Files tab and then click on bblink button to select or input the bblink file just created above.