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Resolved Issues


This section lists the resolved issues in NorthStar Controller Release 6.2.5.

  • SR LSP may not establish in an SR network in which RSVP is not enabled.

  • You cannot modify an LSP originating from a Cisco IOS-XR device through NorthStar Controller after running device collection as follows:

    1. LSP is discovered through PCEP.

    2. LSP is modified from the controller.

    3. Device collection is run on the ingress router.

    This issue is occurring because, in the API call to modify the LSP, path_name for the LSP is null.

  • The OSPF area information is not saved in NorthStar Planner. Also, any links created in an area are not associated with that area.

  • Bandwidth reservation for PCC-controlled RSVP TE-LSPs with non-routeByDevice routing method is not accounted.

  • Sometimes, the analytics for path types might not display correctly.

  • Demands might not be deleted correctly when the demands are deleted through the GUI.

  • The Get Optimization REST API shows incorrect TimeStamp.

  • The OS version of a device might not be removed correctly when the OS version is cleared from device profile.

  • A PCC delegated LSP might not reroute traffic when link utilization threshold is crossed if the LSP is reprovisioned through GUI.

  • The password of an administrator user might not update correctly when the password is updated by using

  • The PCS might lose the LSP delegation status when there is an error in device collection.

  • The PCS does not update the MPLS attribute correctly when the MPLS attribute is cleared in the GUI.

  • PCS rejects link labels with ERO going over a link that has one of its ends migrated after an old link is deleted.

  • When a link is modified, the OSPF area in which the link is modified is not saved.

  • LDP demand traffic graph does not appear when LDP traffic collection is used to collect the demand data.