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Navigation Functions in the Topology View


Table 1 describes the Topology page navigation functions.

Table 1: Supported Topology Window Navigation Functions



Drag and drop

Click an element, hold while repositioning the cursor, then release.

Select an element

Click a link or node to select it.

Select multiple elements

  1. Hold down the Shift key and left mouse button while dragging the mouse to create a rectangular selection box. All elements within the box are selected.

  2. Hold down the Shift key and click multiple items, one at a time.

One application for selecting multiple elements is creating node groups.

Filter the network information table to display an element

Double click a link or node to bring up a window displaying information on that link or node.

Zoom in and out

  1. Use the mouse scroll wheel.

  2. Click the +/- buttons in the upper right corner of the window.

Zoom to fit

Click the circular button that looks like a bull’s eye in the upper right corner of the window to size and center the topology map to fit the window.

Right-click to access functions

Right-click a blank part of the topology map or on a map element to access context-relevant functions.


You can hover over some network elements in the topology map to display the element name or ID.

Collapse/expand pane

When a left, right, up, or down chevron appears at the margin of a pane, you can click to collapse or expand the pane.

Resize panes

You can click and drag many of the pane margins to resize the panes in a display.