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Changes in Behavior


The following changes in behavior are introduced with NorthStar Controller Release 6.1.0.

  • If you are upgrading to NorthStar 6.1.0 from a NorthStar release earlier than 4.3 and you are not using analytics, you can upgrade using the procedure described in Installing the NorthStar Controller in the NorthStar Controller Getting Started Guide.

    If you are using NorthStar analytics, you must manually upgrade to NorthStar 6.1 using the procedure described in Upgrading from Pre-4.3 NorthStar with Analytics in the NorthStar Controller Getting Started Guide.

  • NETCONF SR LSP Provisioning Due to NETCONF Template Changes

    Starting in Junos OS Release 19.2R1, NorthStar provisioning of NETCONF SR LSPs results in the segment-list router configuration summarized as follows:

    Router configuration parameter

    SR LSP

    (See examples 1 and 2 below the table)

    Non-color SR LSP using binding SID

    (See example 3 below the table)




    auto-translate protected


    auto-translate protected requires that set protocols isis traffic-engineering igp-topology be configured on the router.



    Segment list path uses IP address only

    Segment list path uses both IP address and SID label (since auto-translate protected does not work in this case)

    The following configuration examples are configured with Junos OS Release 20.1R1.

    Example 1: NETCONF provisioned SR: node SID

    Example 2: NETCONF provisioned SR: link SID

    Example 3: SR traversing with binding SID SR pair


    When you specify an SR over binding-sid pair, the provisioned configlet has a remote ip-address, for example, segment2 label 1048049 ip-address shown here.