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The Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller is an SDN controller that enables granular visibility and control of IP/MPLS flows in large service provider and enterprise networks. Network operators can use the NorthStar Controller to optimize their network infrastructure through proactive monitoring, planning, and explicit routing of large traffic loads dynamically based on user-defined constraints.

The NorthStar Controller 6.1.0 release is qualified to work with Junos OS Release 18.3R2.4. We recommend contacting JTAC for information about the compatibility of other Junos OS releases.Table 1 lists feature-specific Junos OS requirements. The NorthStar features listed have been qualified with the specified Junos OS release and are intended to work with that release.


Newer versions of Junos OS (Release 21.1 and later), and IOS-XR use new Tag/Length/Value (TLV) for link latency in BGP-LS. Therefore, newer versions of Junos OS and IOS-XR are not compatible with Junos OS Release 18.4 that is bundled with NorthStar.

Table 1: Feature-Specific Junos OS Requirements

NorthStar Feature

Junos OS Release



Segment Routing (SPRING), MD5 authentication for PCEP, P2MP, Admin groups


PCEP-Provisioned P2MP Groups


PCEP-Provisioned P2MP Groups with MVPN (S,G) Service Mapping via Flowspec




Bandwidth sizing and container LSPs for SR-TE LSPs


PCC Delegated LSP Support for SR LSPs

19.4R3, 20.1R1

SR traversing binding SID support

19.2R1, 20.1R1

Path preemption



The Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP) configuration on the PCC routers does not persist across upgrades when the SDN package is not part of the installation binary. Before upgrading the Junos OS image to this release, save the existing configuration to a file by using the save command. After you upgrade the Junos OS image on each PCC router, use the load override command to restore the PCEP configuration.

Please contact JTAC for information about compatibility with specific Juniper platforms.

Junos OS supports Internet draft draft-crabbe-pce-pce-initiated-lsp-03 for the stateful PCE-initiated LSP implementation.

NorthStar Controller is Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant. This only affects, and is a benefit to, users with FIPS enabled on their Linux servers.