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Resolved Issues


Table 4 lists resolved issues in NorthStar Controller Release 6.1.0. If an identifier is reported, it is the assigned identifier in the GNATS problem report tracking system.

Table 4: Resolved Issues in NorthStar Controller Release 6.1.0.




Before performing a fresh install of NorthStar, you must use the ./ script to uninstall any older versions of NorthStar on the device.


PRPD does not remove prefixes (prefixes that have mapping) that were withdrawn by PCCs.


Cassandra password got reset to default for user cassandra.


Migrating IP addresses between links causes the links to be marked as failed.


NorthStar Planner showed incomplete device name in traffic file.


In Planner, demand placement might route on incorrect link to destination when previous hop had non-direct static routes.


In NorthStar Planner Desktop application, CoS classes are not displayed in traffic charts.


Planner Desktop user sessions may remain in Active User table after disconnect.


System health update may not report when building process status where system configured to resolve username via remote nameservice and that nameservice is not responding.


Interfaces not seen under the nodes in the web UI.


Planner Traffic aggregation fails for runcodes other than x.


In Planner, some ECMP paths through node chose Tunnel, some IGP. All should go to tunnel based on install or static route on transit node.


NorthStar web UI Planner: If a user leaves the browser open without activity for a period of time, the session may get disconnected and not be able to fully resume later. As a result, some UI operations may not response properly. The workaround is to use the close network menu option and reopen the network.


Creating a loop in the path of an SR LSP causes the operational status to be Down for the LSP.


NorthStar cannot create an SR LSP with loose hops (user-specified ERO under Path tab in Provision LSP) when the routing method is "routeByDevice". This is resolved with Junos OS Release 19.1 or later. For earlier Junos OS releases, this functionality is not supported in NorthStar.


If you change the cMGD password using (Option D > Option 8: Change cMGD Root Password), you had to restart the following processes:

  • config:cmgd

  • config:cmgd-rest


Bulk modification for Setup and Hold priority is not working.


BMP OSPF link migration - merging link issue.


BMP topology collection now also relays ISIS L2 IGP metric in real time. Previously only TE metric was relayed.


LDP Demand task now just specifies ECMP or not without explicitly providing number of ECMP paths to define.


Archive demands included a PATH/PR specification which could cause the demand to fail to be placed.


Netflow and LDP demands are now saved as ECMP without explicitly specifying number of ECMP paths to consider. This allows the model’s general ECMP settings to be applied to these demands.


Setting of "Allow Any SID at first hop” behavior was reversed. Unsetting it allowed SID list to not have to include first adjacency SID, and setting it enforced having first hop as an adjacency SID.


Desktop Planner metric optimization form missing New Z_A. Results tab now shows difference in new and old metric.


IGP metric was not sent after device collection in Release 6.0 and later. This does not concern TE metric which is learned dynamically.


Planner may fail to open network archive with network with thousands of TE++ LSPs.


When opening network archive with TE++ LSPs, in some cases the Planner might stop when checking tunnel path placement.