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Important: Before You Upgrade from NorthStar 5.x.x to NorthStar 6.0.x


The following important procedures must be done before you upgrade to NorthStar 6.0.x:

  • As of NorthStar 6.0.0, we no longer support CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.x. To help with your migration, we are providing a procedure for upgrading your operating system in such a way that your clusters and data remain intact. See Guidance for Migrating to CentOS 7 for NorthStar 6.0.x in this Release Notes document.

  • There is a new requirement due to a change in the way the netflowd parameters are stored in NorthStar. Starting with Release 6.0.0, netflowd-related configuration in northstar.cfg is centralized on the application servers, and is no longer supported in northstar.cfg on analytics servers. You must copy all netflowd-related configuration in the northstar.cfg file on your analytics servers to the northstar.cfg file on your application servers. There are two exceptions: “netflow_collector_address” and “netflow_port” remain on the analytics servers.