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Upgrading from Pre-4.3 NorthStar with Analytics


The special upgrade procedure described in this topic is only necessary if you use NorthStar Analytics and you are upgrading to NorthStar Release 5.1 from a version of NorthStar earlier than Release 4.3.

In all other cases, you can install NorthStar using the procedure described in Installing the NorthStar Controller.

Export Existing Data (Recommended)

This procedure involves running a utility called on the NorthStar application server to export and save your existing data prior to upgrade.

The utility exports data to a file called exportdata.tar.Z in the /opt/northstar/northstar_bundle_5.1.0/db_migration directory.


db_migration directory will be created after RPM bundle is installed (Step 3 in Step-by-Step Procedure).

Ensure that this directory has available space equivalent to at least 10% the size of your Elasticsearch database. For example, a 10GB Elasticsearch database would require 1GB in the /opt/northstar/northstar_bundle_5.1.0/db_migration directory.


Elasticsearch (ES) data is stored on NorthStar Analytics server (if analytics is installed on a separate server than the application) under /opt/northstar/data/elasticsearch/ directory. You can measure the space of this directory as an estimate of ES DB size using the following command:

When you begin this procedure, the script will tell you how much disk space is required and give you the option to stop the procedure if you do not have enough space to continue.

The amount of time required for the export utility to complete depends on the number of export days and Elasticsearch cache memory/CPU cores you have. You can use the utility’s -l option to reduce the number of export days.

You can use the following command to see the utility’s full set of supported export options:

To export and save your existing data, use the following procedure:

  1. Download the NorthStar 5.1.0 software. See Download the Northstar Software.
  2. Untar the Northstar_bundle:
  3. Install the RPM bundle:
  4. Navigate to the db_migration directory:
  5. Launch the export utility and type yes to continue if you agree with the setup information provided. An example follows:

Reinstall NorthStar Analytics (Required)

Reinstalling NorthStar analytics must be done on each NorthStar analytics node. Use the following procedure:

  1. Download the NorthStar 5.1.0 software. See Installing the NorthStar Controller.
  2. Navigate to the NorthStar 5.1.0 directory:
  3. Uninstall analytics:
  4. Perform this step only if the NorthStar application and NorthStar analytics are on the same server.

    Uninstall Python and its dependency RPMs, and upgrade the NorthStar application:

  5. Install NorthStar analytics:

Upgrade the NorthStar Server if Separate from Analytics Servers

Perform this procedure only if your NorthStar application server is separate from the analytics servers.

  1. On the NorthStar application server, navigate to the NorthStar 5.1 directory:
  2. Upgrade the NorthStar application:
  3. Prepare and redeploy HA analytics data collector settings:

    Select G (Data Collector Setting) from the main menu, and then B (Prepare and Deploy HA Data Collector Setting) from the Data Collector Configuration Settings menu. See Installing Data Collectors for Analytics for more information.

  4. Ensure that analytics data collector connectivity is UP. From the utility main menu, select G (Data Collector Setting), and then select 9 (Test Data Collector Connectivity) from the Data Collector Configuration Settings menu.

Update the Netflow Aggregation Parameter

Between NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.0 and 4.3.0, the possible values for the netflow_aggregate_by_prefix parameter changed. If you are ugrading from Release 4.2.0, you must edit the parameter in the /opt/northstar/data/northstar.cfg file to reflect a valid Release 5.1.0 value.

To edit the value, perform the following steps:

  1. SSH to the NorthStar server.
  2. Using a text editor such as vi, edit the netflow_aggregate_by_prefix= statement in the /opt/northstar/data/northstar.cfg file as follows:
    • If you had the value set to 1 in NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.0, change the value to always.

    • If you had the value set to 0 in NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.0, change the value to disabled.

  3. Manually restart the netflowd process:

Import Existing Data (Recommended)

In this procedure, you run the utility again on the NorthStar application server to import the data you previously exported and saved.

  1. Log in to the NorthStar application server.
  2. Navigate to the db_migration directory:
  3. Launch the import utility: