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Importing Archived Networks from NorthStar Controller


Archived networks are generated in the NorthStar Controller and saved, after which, they are available in the NorthStar Planner under the Archives tab in the Network Browser view.

Use the following procedure:

  1. In the NorthStar Controller, ensure the device profiles are set up correctly. Test connectivity of all devices and troubleshoot as needed until all devices are reachable. See Device Profile and Connectivity Testing in the NorthStar Controller User Guide.
  2. Create and run a device collection task to collect configuration data for the devices. See Scheduling Device Collection for Analytics in the NorthStar Controller User Guide.
  3. Create and run a Network Archive task to archive the collected data. See Collection Tasks to Create Network Archives in the NorthStar Controller User Guide. IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the option to Archive network data after processing.

Archived networks created in this way are then available in the Network Browser, Archives Tab as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Network Browser Archives Tab
Network Browser Archives

The Name of the archived network is a timestamp of the creation time/date; it is not the same as the name you gave to the corresponding Network Archive task in the Task Scheduler. In this release, the Label and Comment fields are not used.

When you open an archived network from the Network Browser, it opens in a temporary file that you cannot save. If you want to work with an archived network and then save it, you can select Save As from the Network icon (world) in the top menu bar of the Planner. Once saved, you can continue to access that network from the My Networks tab in the Network Browser.

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