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Resolved Issues


Table 4 lists resolved issues in NorthStar Controller Release 5.1.0. If an identifier is reported, it is the assigned identifier in the GNATS problem report tracking system.

Table 4: Resolved Issues in NorthStar Controller Release 5.1.0.




P2MP: When new branches to the P2MP LSP were added, multicast traffic was not being received at the receivers of the new branch. The new branch interface was not adding to the downstream list of the multicast forwarding entry.


Changing a demand’s LSP binding directly from one LSP to another in one operation (without setting it to unbound first, then to the new LSP), the colored route insertion fails. NorthStar behaves as if it has the new LSP binding and colored route, but in reality the old colored route corresponding to the old binding is in the network. If you need to change the LSP binding of a demand with an existing binding, do it in two steps. First, clear the LSP Binding, and then set the LSP binding to the new LSP. This applies both to changing an LSP binding using the UI, and using REST API calls.


The Bandwidth Sizing task (Administration > Task Scheduler) was not able to collect the counters for LSPs on IOS-XR devices, so the bandwidth for these LSPs was not resized.


NETCONF SR-LSP bandwidth was displaying non-zero when adding an SR-LSP with a specific bandwidth.