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Managing the Path Computation Server and Path Computation Element Services on the NorthStar Controller


To perform administrative tasks, you can run commands from the NorthStar Controller CLI to stop, start, or restart Path Computation Server (PCS) or Path Computation Element (PCE) services that run on the NorthStar Controller.

We recommend that you run the PCS restart command when encountering either of the following scenarios:

  • If you suspect that the network model is out-of-sync—for example, when LSPs are still displayed from the UI but the LSPs are no longer on the router.

  • If the admin status of LSPs appears to be stuck in “PENDING” when you attempt to provision LSPs—from the NorthStar Controller UI, the LSPs are displayed as PENDING and are not provisioned to router.

To manage services on the NorthStar Controller:

  1. From the CLI, log in to the NorthStar Controller PCS, for example:
  2. From the prompt, enter username root and password northstar.