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Import Network Wizard Introduction


Figure 58 shows the initial Import Network Wizard window.

Figure 58: Import Network Wizard
Import Network Wizard

The following buttons apply to most pages of the import wizard.

Table 22: Import Network Wizard Functions



< Back

Goes back to the previous page of the wizard.

Next >

Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Cancels the import action and closes the wizard without saving.


Accesses the reference page of this window in the help document.

Select the type of the data you want to import and the directory where the data files are stored.

Figure 59: Import Network Wizard Specifying Import Directory and Type
Import Network Wizard Specifying Import Directory and

Table 23: Import Network Wizard Import Types and Directories



Import Type

Click to see the drop-down selection box to select the appropriate data type for import and conversion.

Use Saved Settings

This allows user to load an import template to automatically map fields and settings based on previous import runs.

Default Input Directory

The directory shown here displays the current import directory source. This field should specify the directory in which data files are stored. For certain import types, this field is used to indicate an import file instead of a directory.

Output Directory

Select where the NorthStar Planner specification file are created


Specify a file name extension for the specification file and related project files

Depending on which data type is being imported, the next pages of the wizard will guide you through a different set of tabs and required parameters to be entered.