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Device Usage


The Device Usage report provides an estimate of the degree to which all the cards and ports in the nodes of the network are being utilized. The report lists total numbers of cards and ports side by side with the number of utilized cards and ports, sorted by node, to give you an idea of where the network stands in terms of hardware capacity and usage at each node. You can also choose to show interface usage through the table options window (by right-clicking on the column headers). The saved report’s filename starts with “HW_DEVICE_USAGE_REPORT.”

Figure 131: Router Inventory Reports: Device Usage
Router Inventory Reports: Device Usage




Device hostname

Device Name

Device name converted into NorthStar Planner format

Occupied Line Cards

Number of line cards which are used

Available Line Cards

Number of line cards which are empty

Total Line Cards

Total number of line cards

Connected Ports

Number of ports that (a) have a corresponding link in the model, (b) are operationally up, or (c) have an IP address defined on the interface

No. of Ports

Total Number of physical ports

Reserved Ports

Number of Reserved ports, based on customizable keywords found in the description.

Shutdown Ports

Ports that have operational or admin status down