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Layout Menu Overview


The Layout drop-down menu in the top menu bar includes a number of options for arranging elements on the topology map. Figure 1 shows the Layout drop-down menu options.

Figure 1: Layout Drop-Down Menu
Layout Drop-Down Menu

From the Layout menu, you can group and ungroup nodes, distribute nodes using different models, reset the topology map according to geographical coordinates, save layouts, and manage saved layouts.

The import and export options allow you to:

  • Import a layout from a CSV file.

  • Import a layout from a GeoJSON file. JSON format is stricter than CSV, requiring key-value pairs.

  • Export a layout to a CSV file, which has headers only for hostname, longitude, latitude, and group (less information than the GeoJSON file has).

  • Export a layout to a GeoJSON file which you could then use in various mapping applications that support GeoJSON format.