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Web Planner Top Menu Bar


The top menu bar in the NorthStar Planner web UI (all views) displays the name of the currently open network, if there is one, plus two icons that provide administrative functions, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Upper Right Corner Display
Upper Right Corner

Click the tools icon (gear) for a drop-down list of network and viewing options:

  • Save Network

    Use Save Network to save your work to the NorthStar data directory. This option is only available when you open a network from the Saved Networks tab. It is not available when you open an archived network from the Archived Networks tab because the archived network only exists in a temporary file that would be overwritten the next time you open an archived network. To save an archived network, use the Save Network As option.

  • Save Network As

    Use the Save Network As option to save an archived network for the first time or to save your work on a network with a new name. The Save As window prompts you for a network name and an optional description. The saved network is then available to you from the Saved Networks tab.


    Spaces and most special characters are not allowed in network names. Hyphens and underscores are allowed. These restrictions do not apply to descriptions.

  • Close Network

    Select Close Network to close the network you currently have open. The name of the open network disappears from the upper right corner of the Planner window. If you are in any main view other than Network Browser when you close the network, the display returns to Network Browser where you can select a network to open.

  • View Active Users

    Select View Active Users to display a list of users currently logged into the Planner as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Active Users Window
    Active Users Window

    The Current Baseline column shows the name of the network each user has open.


    At this time, there is no user management in the NorthStar Planner web UI. New users must be created in the NorthStar Controller. See User Management.

  • View Console

    View Console is only available in Topology View. When you select this option, the console opens on the right side of the Planner window as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3: Console Window
    Console Window

    The console displays information when loading a network, reading files, running failure simulation, generating reports, and various other functions. You can use the console to trace through information in more detail.

Click the user icon in the upper right corner of the Planner window to log out of NorthStar Planner.