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Introduction to the Task Scheduler


In the NorthStar Controller UI, navigate to Administration > Task Scheduler to manage the NorthStar task types described in Table 1.

The first five of the task types listed are collection tasks. The NorthStar Controller Analytics features require that the Controller periodically connect to the network in order to obtain the configuration of network devices. It uses this information to correlate IP addresses, interfaces, and devices, as well as collecting various types of statistics. Completion of device profiles (Administration > Device Profile) is a prerequisite for successfully running collection tasks.

Table 1: Task Types Managed from the Task Scheduler

Task Type


Device Collection

Scheduling Device Collection for Analytics

Connection to the network in order to obtain the configuration of network devices.

SNMP Traffic Collection

Data Collection via SNMP

Collection of tunnel and interface traffic via SNMP.

Link Latency Collection

Link Latency Collection

Collection of round trip time (RTT) statistics using a ping operation.

Network Archive

Collection Tasks to Create Network Archives

Collection task that creates a network model in a database, for use in the NorthStar Planner. You also have the option to archive the network model.

LDP Traffic Collection

LDP Traffic Collection

Collection of LDP traffic statistics that track the volume of traffic passing through forwarding equivalence classes. The data can also be imported into the NorthStar Planner for capacity planning and failure simulation studies.

Demand Reports

Netflow Collector

Generation of reports on detailed network traffic information.

Bandwidth Sizing

Bandwidth Sizing

Periodically sends a new planned bandwidth for bandwidth sizing-enabled LSPs to the NorthStar PCS. The PCS determines whether it needs to provision the new planned bandwidth with a path that satisfies the new bandwidth requirement.


NorthStar Analytics Raw and Aggregated Data Retention

This task type is for system tasks that are launched by NorthStar to run scripts. These tasks are included in the task list for information only–you cannot add or modify them.

Examples of system tasks include:

  • CollectionCleanup: purges old raw and aggregated analytics data.

  • ESRollup: Aggregates the collected data from the previous hour.

There is an optional column in the task list that indicates whether each task is a system task. Hover over any column heading, click the down arrow that appears, and highlight Columns to display a list of available columns. Click the check box for System Task to select the System Task column for inclusion in the display.

In the task list, sorting and column selection options become available when you hover over a column heading and click the down arrow that appears. You can also rearrange the columns that are displayed in the task list by clicking and dragging a column heading.