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Physical Interfaces


Selecting Physical Interfaces in the left pane displays an Interface List report listing all interfaces, their status, and additional information in the right pane. The saved report’s filename starts with “INTF_LIST.” The rows in the report can be sorted by clicking on the column header for the property to sort by.

Figure 125: Hardware Inventory: Physical Interfaces
Hardware Inventory: Physical Interfaces




Physical Interface Name, for example, TenGigE0/2/0/2


Device hostname

Device Name

Device name converted into NorthStar Planner format

Device Vendor

Hardware vendor (Cisco, Juniper Networks)

Card Id

Slot information, for example, S-0/1


Physical interface description

IP Address

IP address of physical interface, if assigned

Device IP Addr.

Loopback IP address of the Device, typically the first one listed

Device Mgmt IP Addr.

The Management IP Address is the IP addressed used by NorthStar Planner to discover the device.

Admin Status

Interface Administrative status (active, down, or unknown)

Physical Address

The address of the physical interface, based on intfmap NorthStar Planner file.

Aggregated Link

Any associated aggregated link, such as PortChannel or Bundle-Ether

Bandwidth T

he physical interface bandwidth, for example, 100.0M


IPv6 address information (based on NorthStar Planner intfmap file)


MTU information (based on NorthStar Planner intfmap file)

Media Type

The Physical interface media type, for example,


Operational Status

Interface Operational Status (active, down, or unknown)

Switchport Mode

Switchport mode for layer 2 interfaces, for example, access or trunk


List of VLAN’s for this physical interface, for example, “22 100-102 105-108”