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Table of Contents

About the Documentation
Documentation and Release Notes
Documentation Conventions
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
NorthStar Application UI Overview
UI Comparison
Browser Compatibility
The NorthStar Login Window
Key NorthStar Planner Features
NorthStar Planner Power Features
Supported Hardware
Juniper Networks
Cisco Systems
Documentation Conventions
Document Conventions
Keyboard, Window, and Mouse Terminology and Functionality
The Keyboard
The Mouse
Informational Notes, Cautions, and Warnings
Changing the Size of a Window
Moving a Window
For Further Information
Main Window
Main Window Overview
File Manager
The File Manager Window
File Manager Toolbar
File Manager Left Pane
File Manager Right-Click Menu
File Manager Spec File
Text Editor
Config Editor (Router and Switch)
Topology Window
Topology Window Overview
Center Pane Map
Left Pane Legend
Map Filters
Filters > Protocols
Filters > Type
Filters > Routing Instances
Filters > Advanced
Map Elements
Network Elements > Nodes
Network Elements > Links
Network Elements > Facilities
Utilization Legends
Utilization Legends > Planned Node Load and Measured Node Load
Map Subviews
Subviews > Link Status
Subviews > Type
Right Pane Toolbar
Map Popup Menus
Map Views
Grouping Popup Menus
Selection Options
Custom URLs
Labels Menu
Internet Map at Click
Line Widths
Background Image
Country Maps
File Menu
File Menu Functions
File > Open Network Browser
File > Load Network Files
Saving a File
Network Data Import Wizard
Import Network Wizard Introduction
Routers and Switches (IP/MPLS only)
NorthStar Planner Config File
OSPF Database
ISIS Database
Marconi CLI
Nortel PND
Nortel Virtual Router
Tunnel Path Extraction
Network Menu
Network Menu Options
Network Menu Summary
Network Menu Summary Overview
Search by Property
Advanced Search
Navigation Page Setup
Table Options
Network Menu Maps
Network Menu Nodes
Configuring Network Window Links
Network Window Links
Links General Tab
Location Tab
Capacity Tab
Protocols Tab
Attributes Tab
CoS Policy Tab
Add Links
Modify Links
Right-Click Menu Options
Demands Window Properties Tab
Properties Tab
Paths Tab
Add Single Demand
Demand Type Parameter Generation
Add Multiple Demands
Add One Hop
Modify Single Demand
Modify Multiple Demands
Right-Click Menu Options
Further Notes on Priority and Preemption
Demand Statistics View
Traffic Load
End-to-End Delay
Find Demands Filter
Properties Tab
Paths Tab
Right-Click Menu Options
Tunnel Type Parameter Generation
Design Tab
Virtual Trunk Tab
OSPF Areas/Domains
QoS Manager
Service Type
Admin Weight
Path and Capacity
Show Site Demands
Aggregate Demands/Tunnels
Design Menu
Backbone Design
Route Paths
Net Groom
Route Optimization Wizard
Path Diversity Design
Metric Optimization
P2MP Tree Design Window
Simulation Menu
Failure Analysis
Predefined Scenarios
Report Options
Advanced Options
Interactive Scenarios
Simulation Scenarios Time-Based Simulation
Traffic Menu
Traffic Load
Network Files
Other Files
Using the Generated Trafficload File
Addendum: Traffic Data Input Files
Addendum: Accessing Traffic Charts
Addendum: Interpreting the Traffic Charts
Inventory Menu
Components of the Hardware Model
Collecting Hardware Inventory
Importing CLI Output Commands
Importing and Saving
Hardware Inventory
Hardware Inventory Summary
Devices List
Line Cards
Physical Interfaces
Miscellaneous Parts
Extensive Parts List
Hardware Integrity
Device Usage
Line Card Usage
Customer Usage
Hardware Capex
Categorized by Parts
Equipment View
Event View
Hardware Equipment Cost
Report Manager
The Report Manager Window
List of Network Reports
List of Tunnel Layer Network Reports
List of Simulation Reports
List of Configuration Reports (Router Only)
Customized Reports
Network Reports
Demand Reports
Link Reports
Interface Traffic Reports
Group Reports
Node Reports
VPN Reports
Protocols Reports
BGP Reports
Tunnel Layer Network Reports
Tunnel Reports
Simulation Reports
Configuration Reports
Admin Menu
User Administration
Accessing the User Administration Window
Creating User Groups and Permissions
Creating Users / Assigning Users to Groups
License File Manager
Tools Menu
Options Menu
General Options
Config Editor Options
Path Placement Options
Failure Simulation Options
Resize Options
Map Preferences
Report Options
JMS Access Options
Connect to Server
Revision Manager (IP Models)
Input Files Format
Spec File
Backbone Data
Control Files
Cost Files
Search Preferences
Exact Match Strings