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Changes in Behavior


The following changes in behavior are introduced with NorthStar Controller Release 4.3.0.

  • There is a change in the CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux minimal ISO starting with version 7.0. We still recommend you use the minimal ISO, but if you use CentOS or Red Hat 7.x, install the following utilities as well:

    It is no longer necessary to install psmisc, as it was in NorthStar 4.2.0.

  • If you are upgrading to NorthStar 4.3 from a previous NorthStar version and you are not using analytics, you can upgrade using the procedure described in Installing the NorthStar Controller 4.3.0.

    If you are using NorthStar analytics, you must manually upgrade to NorthStar 4.3 using the procedure described Upgrading to NorthStar 4.3 from a Previous Version with Analytics.

  • The behavior of delay base rerouting has changed. It no longer relies on link delay to trigger the violation checking. Instead, PCS periodically calculates the LSP delay and reroutes if the delay exceeds the maximum delay of the LSP. The global parameter for delay increase threshold has been removed. The threshold in the modify link window is still visible, but it is not recommended that you use it. It will be removed in a future release.

  • If you are running Junos OS Release 19.x or later (releases that are RFC 8231/8281 compliant) you have two options for ensuring compatibility with NorthStar:

    1. Run in RFC 8231 Mode: Create/edit the pcc_version.config file on the NorthStar server to include the IP addresses of all PCCs in the topology.

      For each IP address, specify 2 as the PCC version. PCC version 2 sets IANA code points for Association, S2LS Objects, and P2MP-IPv4-Lsp-Identifier TLV. This also makes the system compliant with RFC 8231/8281.


      The IP address should be the PCC IP used to establish the PCEP session. This is the IP address the PCC uses as the local IP address and is the same as appears in the PCC_IP field in the web UI device profile for the device.

      The pcc_version.config file is located in /opt/pcs/db/config/. The syntax of the configuration is ver=ip_address:pcc_version.

      For example:


      To ensure the changes take effect, either update the pcc_version.config file before launching NorthStar, or run supervisorctl restart northstar:pceserver.

    2. Run in Compatibility Mode (if you do not want to use RFC 8231/8281 compliance and IANA code points for Association, S2LS Objects, and P2MP-IPv4-Lsp-Identifier TLV): On each of the routers, configure the following statements: