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Known Issues


Table 2 lists known issues in NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.2. The identifier associated with each entry is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

Table 2: Known Issues in NorthStar Controller 4.2.2




When learning P2MP LSPs from network devices, NorthStar will create the P2MP group associated with the P2MP LSP. The bandwidth and priority of the P2MP group, however, do not reflect the bandwidth and priority on the P2MP LSP.


When a user modifies device interface IP addresses resulting in ISIS adjacency or OSPF neighbor migration, there could be additional links created in NorthStar due to transient states being advertised into NorthStar.

For example, suppose an ISIS adjacency is formed between interface IP address of and, and the user modifies the device interface IP addresses to and In NorthStar, there might be three links displayed, each representing the ISIS adjacency:

  • The original adjacency of and in DOWN state

  • The transient adjacency of and in DOWN state

  • The new adjacency of and in UP state

The original and transient adjacencies are harmless to NorthStar path computation, as they are in DOWN state. The user can manually delete them to clean up the topology view.


Junos OS Release 18.2 and 18.3 PCEP reporting limitation: In Junos OS Releases prior to 18.4R2, Junos reports the SR LSP name only. The segment list path names (for multiple primary paths or secondary path) are not reported via PCEP. The implications for NorthStar Controller Release 4.2.1 are:

  • Only one primary path is supported. Since Junos OS still requires a path name to be specified, when NorthStar sends a provisioning order for NETCONF-based SR LSPs, the primary path name is set to be the same as the SR LSP name.

  • The length of the LSP name provisioned via NorthStar 4.2.1 should be 32 characters or less because the combined LSP name and path name length should be less than 64 characters. This 32 character constraint is not enforced by the NorthStar web UI or the REST API.