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New Features


The following new feature is introduced in NorthStar Release 4.2.2:

  • With a single web UI action, create multiple LSPs with identical design parameters.

    • In the Provision LSP window of the NorthStar Controller web UI, Count and Delimiter fields have been added to the Advanced tab to enable creation of multiple parallel LSPs between two endpoints. These LSPs share the same design parameters as specified in the Provision LSP window Design tab. Figure 1 shows the new fields on the Advanced tab.

      Figure 1: Count and Delimiter Fields on the Advanced Tab
      Count and Delimiter Fields
on the Advanced Tab
    • When you create multiple LSPs using this feature, NorthStar names the LSPs using the Name you entered in the Properties tab and appends the delimiter value plus a unique numerical value beginning with 1 (myLSP_1, myLSP_2, for example).


      The Delimiter field only appears when the count value is greater than one.

    • This is different from using Provision Multiple LSPs where the Design parameters are configured separately for each LSP created.