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Topology Map Link Pop-Up Menu


Mouse over a link icon or set of links and right-click to display a menu. The following options are available:

View > Selected LinksDisplays detailed information about any links that are highlighted.
View > Links under PointerDisplays detailed information about links that you mouse over.
View > SRLGs on LinkDisplays the SRLGs that this link is part of.
View > Tunnels on/thru LinkDisplays the tunnels that are going through the link. You can view all of them, all of them in one direction, or all that start or end at an endpoint of the link.
Modify Selected LinksAllows modification of selected links.
Delete Selected LinksDeletes the selected links.
Grouping > Collapse All/Expand AllCollapses or expands multiple curved links into one drawn between two nodes. When you mouse over a collapsed multilink, the bottom information bar displays **1 of x**, where x is the number of links collapsed.
Select > Nodes on Selected LinksHighlights the two node endpoints of every selected link.